Pokémon Stunning Steel

What is Pokemon Stunning Steel?

Pokemon Stunning Steel is a remarkable ROM hack based on Pokemon Fire Red Version, offering players a fresh and immersive experience that goes beyond the typical Pokemon storyline. Set 10 years after the Great Pokemon War, players step into the shoes of a character seeking to break free from their father's legacy and carve their own path in the world. The game boasts three different endings, countless plot twists, and the opportunity to meet and capture almost every Pokemon from Generation II to Generation III.


  • Forge Your Own Path: In Pokemon Stunning Steel, players are tasked with making a name for themselves, breaking away from the shadow of their national hero father who fought in the Great Pokemon War. Trainers must embark on a personal journey, facing challenges, making choices, and determining their own destiny.

  • Develop Your Character Uniquely: The game allows for character development in a unique way, providing players with the freedom to shape their journey and build their identity. Make choices that impact your character's growth and experience the consequences of those decisions.


  • Three Different Endings: Pokemon Stunning Steel introduces a dynamic and branching storyline with three different endings. The choices made throughout the game influence the outcome, adding a layer of replayability and excitement to the overall experience.

  • Set 10 Years After the Great Pokemon War: The game's backdrop is the aftermath of the Great Pokemon War, providing a rich and immersive setting that adds depth to the narrative. Trainers will navigate through a world still recovering from the impact of the war, encountering remnants of the conflict along their journey.

  • Capture Almost Every Pokemon from Gen II to Gen III: Pokemon Stunning Steel offers an extensive Pokemon roster, allowing players to meet and capture almost every Pokemon from Generation II to Generation III. The diverse collection of Pokemon adds variety and excitement to the journey, making each encounter a new and thrilling experience.

  • Countless Plot Twists: The game is filled with countless plot twists that keep players engaged and invested in the unfolding narrative. Expect surprises, mysteries, and unexpected turns as you progress through the rich and dynamic storyline of Pokemon Stunning Steel.

  • Unique Character Progression: Pokemon Stunning Steel presents a unique character progression system, allowing players to shape their journey based on their choices and actions. Develop your character's skills, strengths, and identity in a way that aligns with your vision for their role in the Pokemon world.

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