Poke Among Us

What is Poke Among Us?

Poke Among Us takes the iconic crewmate from Among Us and infuses it with the playful spirit of Pokemon creatures. In this platform-adventure game, players control an astronaut with Pikachu ears, navigating through levels filled with jumping, running, and enemy-eliminating challenges. As one of the latest additions to the Among Us Games collection, Poke Among Us offers a refreshing and entertaining twist to the popular genre.


The objective in Poke Among Us is to guide the Pikachu-eared crewmate through a series of levels, running, jumping, and eliminating enemies along the way. Players must destroy bricks to collect coins and unlock covert powers, adding strategic depth to the game. The use of coins allows players to activate powers, enhancing the crewmate's abilities in this dynamic action-adventure game. Navigate challenging levels, run through obstacles, and eliminate enemies to advance and discover new aspects of the galactic adventure.


  • Galactic Adventure Theme: Poke Among Us seamlessly merges the Among Us universe with the whimsical world of Pokemon creatures. The crewmate's Pikachu ears add a delightful touch to the game, creating a unique and visually appealing experience.

  • Jumping, Running, and Eliminating Enemies: Enjoy a variety of actions in Poke Among Us, from running and jumping to eliminating enemies. The game's dynamic gameplay keeps players engaged and entertained as they navigate through each level.

  • Coin Collection and Powers: Destroy bricks to collect coins and unlock covert powers that enhance the crewmate's abilities. The strategic use of coins adds an element of resource management, allowing players to tailor their approach to each level.

  • Challenging Levels: Poke Among Us features numerous challenging levels that progressively increase in difficulty. Players must overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and eliminate enemies to advance, ensuring a satisfying and engaging gaming experience.

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