Shiron Castle

What is Shiron Castle?

Shiron Castle is a fan-made Pokemon game that offers a unique twist on the traditional Pokemon journey. As a delivery boy, you find yourself in the small, history-rich village of Daiman, tasked with delivering an item to the elusive Javier. However, upon reaching Javier's residence, you learn that he has ventured to the nearby castle, and his extended absence prompts a concerned mother to seek your help. Little do you know that this delivery mission will lead you to the heart of a captivating adventure within the walls of Shiron Castle.


As the delivery boy, players must navigate the challenges and mysteries of Shiron Castle to locate Javier. The game unfolds through a narrative-driven structure, with players engaging in battles, exploring the castle's rich history, and interacting with various characters. The short duration of 3-4 hours ensures a focused and impactful gaming experience, making it accessible for players looking for a compelling storyline without the commitment of a lengthy gameplay session.


  • Narrative-Driven Adventure: Shiron Castle places a strong emphasis on storytelling, immersing players in a captivating narrative that unfolds as they progress through the game. Explore the rich history of Tauron, uncover past alliances and conflicts, and piece together the intricate tapestry of the region's evolution.

  • Unique Challenges within the Castle: Within the castle walls, players encounter a lively "ancient battles fair." This celebration commemorates the transformation of the Shiron region into modern-day Tauron. Face challengers such as channelers and knight cosplayers, each presenting unique battles and opportunities to test your skills and progress through the storyline.

  • Historical Exploration: Delve into the depths of Shiron Castle's history, discovering the secrets and events that shaped the region. The game offers a blend of exploration and storytelling, encouraging players to unravel the mysteries hidden within the castle's expanse.

  • Revelations and Unanswered Questions: The narrative unfolds through revelations and unexpected twists, keeping players engaged and eager to uncover the full story. Shiron Castle teases a world of unanswered questions, encouraging players to immerse themselves in the experience and unlock the secrets that lie ahead.

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