Name That Pokemon

What is Name That Pokemon?

Name That Pokemon is a captivating and addictive game that requires players to rely solely on their Pokémon knowledge and instincts. The game presents players with the shadows of various Pokémon, challenging them to correctly identify each creature based on their distinctive silhouettes. Whether you're a casual Pokémon fan or a dedicated trainer, Name That Pokemon provides a fun and engaging way to test and expand your Pokémon expertise.

Rules of Game

The rules of Name That Pokemon are straightforward yet challenging. Players are presented with shadowed images of Pokémon, and their task is to correctly identify each creature based on its unique silhouette. The game may feature Pokémon from various generations, testing players' knowledge across the entire Pokémon universe. The challenge lies in recognizing each creature quickly and accurately, putting your skills to the ultimate test.


  • Shadowed Silhouettes: Name That Pokemon focuses on shadowed silhouettes, adding an element of mystery and challenge to the game. Players must rely on their knowledge of each Pokémon's distinctive shape to correctly identify them.

  • Diverse Pokémon Generations: The game features Pokémon from various generations, ensuring that players with knowledge spanning multiple eras of the Pokémon franchise can put their skills to the test. This inclusivity adds depth and variety to the gameplay.

  • Engaging and Addictive Gameplay: Name That Pokemon offers a simple yet addictive gameplay experience. The challenge of identifying Pokémon quickly keeps players engaged, making it an ideal choice for both short gaming sessions and extended play.

  • Fun for All Ages: Whether you're a seasoned Pokémon Master or a newcomer to the franchise, Name That Pokemon caters to players of all ages. The game's accessible format allows anyone to enjoy the thrill of identifying their favorite Pokémon.

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