What is Pokemblem?

Pokemblem stands as a testament to the creative prowess of its developer, Vesly, combining the rich tactical gameplay of Fire Emblem with the iconic Pokemon universe. Players find themselves immersed in the Kanto region, navigating battles against familiar Pokemon adversaries while strategically planning their moves to become the ultimate Pokemon master. This game is a delightful fusion that seamlessly integrates the best elements of both franchises, offering a truly unique gaming experience.


The rules of Pokemblem draw inspiration from both the Fire Emblem and Pokemon series, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. Players lead their characters through the Kanto region, facing off against Pokemon opponents in tactical turn-based battles. The game incorporates the strategic depth of Fire Emblem, requiring players to carefully plan their moves and consider the strengths and weaknesses of both their team and the opposing Pokemon.

Key elements of Fire Emblem, such as unit placement, character classes, and tactical decision-making, are seamlessly integrated with Pokemon battles. Your journey to become the ultimate Pokemon master involves defeating a variety of Pokemon, including the notorious Rattata, through a combination of tactical prowess and a deep understanding of Pokemon types and abilities.


  • Kanto Exploration: Dive into the nostalgic landscape of the Kanto region, beautifully recreated in Pokemblem. Explore iconic locations, encounter familiar Pokemon, and relive the magic of your Pokemon journey in a whole new tactical dimension.

  • Strategic Depth of Fire Emblem: Experience the classic Fire Emblem strategic gameplay with unit placement, character classes, and tactical decision-making. Pokemblem seamlessly integrates these elements into Pokemon battles, creating a gameplay experience that appeals to both Fire Emblem and Pokemon fans.

  • Unique Pokemon Battles: Engage in thrilling turn-based battles against a variety of Pokemon, each with its unique abilities and characteristics. Adapt your tactics, exploit weaknesses, and strategically plan your moves to overcome the challenges that lie ahead on your journey to Pokemon mastery.

  • Becoming the Ultimate Pokemon Master: Progress through the game, honing your tactical skills and building a team of powerful Pokemon. Your ultimate goal is to become the absolute best, just like no one ever was – a true Pokemon master. The journey is filled with challenges, discoveries, and the joy of witnessing your team evolve and grow stronger.

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