Palworld map

What is Palworld Map?

The Palworld Map serves as a digital compass for players, offering a visual representation of Palpagos Island, the tropical paradise where Pocketpair's peculiar Poké-like adventure unfolds. This interactive map is designed to make it easier for players to locate specific Pals and items within the expansive 16 square kilometers of Palworld, enhancing the overall exploration experience.


The rules governing the Palworld Map are simple yet crucial for players seeking to navigate the vast landscapes with ease. Understanding the map's features, symbols, and legends is essential for efficient exploration. With an interactive map already available for items and Pals information, players can utilize this tool to enhance their survival skills and streamline their journey through the wilds of Palpagos Island.


  • Visual Representation: The Palworld Map provides players with a visual representation of Palpagos Island, allowing them to grasp the layout of the diverse landscapes, including active volcanoes, mystical ice caves, and expansive woodland areas.

  • Pal Locations: One of the primary features of the Palworld Map is its ability to showcase the locations of various Pals. Players can easily identify where specific Pals are found, aiding in their quest to catch 'em all.

  • Item Locations: In addition to Pal locations, the map also highlights the positions of various items, ensuring players can efficiently gather resources and gear as they traverse the island.

  • Expansion Potential: The Palworld Map is not static; it evolves alongside the game. Pocketpair has confirmed that the map size is approximately 16 square kilometers, with the possibility of further expansion as more content is added to this dynamic open-world game.

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