Pokemon Air War

What is Pokemon Air War?

Pokemon Air War invites players to command their Pokemon companion in a dynamic and intense aerial battle. The game challenges players to skillfully navigate the skies, destroying enemies and avoiding attacks to survive and progress. With three Pokemon companions to choose from, each boasting unique fighting abilities, Pokemon Air War promises a captivating and strategic gaming experience.


The primary objective in Pokemon Air War is to lead your chosen Pokemon companion in defeating all enemies efficiently. Before diving into the battle, players must select one of three Pokemon, each with distinct fighting abilities. Enemies, both on the ground and in the air, pose a constant threat, and players must balance offense and defense to succeed. Attacks can come from all directions, including birds dropping eggs, and getting hit results in the loss of a life. If all lives are lost, players must restart from the beginning. Navigate carefully, attack strategically, and avoid opponent assaults to progress and conquer the skies.


  • Diverse Pokemon Companions: Pokemon Air War offers a choice of three Pokemon companions, each with its own set of fighting abilities. Players can select the Pokemon that best suits their playstyle, adding a layer of strategy to the game.

  • Dynamic Enemy Threats: Enemies in Pokemon Air War can move on the ground or soar through the sky, creating a dynamic and challenging battlefield. Birds dropping eggs and opponents moving both with and against you keep the gameplay unpredictable and engaging.

  • Environmental Challenges: The game introduces additional challenges with destructible buildings. Players must be vigilant, as both enemies and structures can pose threats. Strategize to avoid obstacles, survive, and emerge victorious.

  • Intuitive Controls: Navigate your Pokemon companion with ease using the arrow keys, while the spacebar unleashes powerful attacks. The simple yet effective control scheme ensures players can focus on the thrilling aerial combat without being hindered by complex controls.

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