Rubicon: Pocket Monster

What is Rubicon: Pocket Monster?

Rubicon: Pocket Monster is an engaging online game that seamlessly merges the classic Pokemon battling experience with the thrill of a hypercasual runner. Players navigate through dynamic 3D courses, collecting Pokeballs, and strategically engaging with monsters to capture them. The goal is to accumulate as many monsters as possible during each run, evolving them through green gates, and preparing for an epic battle at the end.

Rules and Gameplay

The gameplay is simple yet challenging. Players control their trainer's movement with the mouse, swiping right and left to navigate the dynamic courses. The primary objective is to collect Pokeballs scattered throughout the course, which are crucial for engaging with the monsters. As you encounter monsters, approach them and use the collected Pokeballs to hit them. The number displayed on each monster indicates the required number of hits to capture them successfully.

Capturing Monsters: Successfully hitting monsters with the required number of Pokeballs brings them into your custody. The end goal of each run is to collect as many monsters as possible. By passing through the green gates during your run, you can even evolve your captured monsters, enhancing their abilities and preparing them for the ultimate battle at the end.

End-of-Run Battle: The climax of each run involves a challenging battle where your success is determined by the number and strength of the monsters in your custody. With each successive run, the difficulty level increases, ensuring a progressively challenging and exciting gaming experience. Strategic planning and skillful execution are key to triumphing over tougher opponents.

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