Pokemon Sors

What is Pokemon SORS?

Pokemon SORS introduces players to the enchanting region of Hupest, a whole new landscape to explore. As a young Trainer named Asher, players will embark on a quest that leads them to encounter Pokemon with a new form known as Eclipse. The game promises a fresh storyline, unique challenges, and the opportunity to explore a region brimming with mysteries and new Pokemon forms.


As Asher, players will navigate the complexities of life in Hupest, where family ties clash with the shadowy organization Siara. Siara seeks to wield the formidable power of Pokemon through a mysterious force called 'Eclipsing.' Players join Asher in his struggle to become a powerful Trainer while unraveling the secrets of Eclipsing. Throughout the journey, players will learn to wield this power themselves. The challenge lies in mastering Eclipsing before Siara unleashes an ancient and destructive force upon the innocents of Hupest.


  • New Region - Hupest: Pokemon SORS unveils the captivating region of Hupest, offering a fresh and immersive landscape for players to explore. Discover new environments, encounter unique Pokemon, and unravel the region's mysteries as you embark on your journey.

  • Eclipse Pokemon Form: Experience the introduction of a new Pokemon form known as Eclipse. Encounter Pokemon with this distinct form and explore the unique abilities and characteristics they bring to the gameplay. The Eclipse form adds a layer of excitement and strategy to Pokemon battles.

  • Intriguing Storyline: Immerse yourself in an engaging storyline as you follow Asher's journey in Hupest. Navigate the complexities of family ties, the shadowy organization Siara, and the quest to master the power of Eclipsing. The narrative unfolds with twists and turns, keeping players invested in the unfolding mysteries of the region.

  • Struggle for Mastery: Join Asher in his struggle to become a powerful Trainer while learning to wield the power of Eclipsing. The game challenges players to balance personal growth, familial ties, and the impending threat from Siara. The ultimate goal is to master Eclipsing before a destructive force is unleashed upon Hupest.

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