Pokémon Snakewood: Pokémon Zombie Hack

What is Pokémon Snakewood: Pokémon Zombie Hack?

Pokémon Snakewood: Pokémon Zombie Hack stands as a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of hackers who have breathed new life into the Pokémon Ruby game. This unique version offers a stark departure from the familiar Pokémon journey, plunging players into the midst of a zombie apocalypse within the Hoenn region. Unlike traditional Pokémon games, Snakewood introduces a dark and eerie narrative, challenging players to navigate through a world infested with undead creatures.

Rules of Game

In Pokémon Snakewood, players will find themselves in a Hoenn region drastically altered by a zombie apocalypse. The main character must confront dangerous enemies, both traditional Pokémon and zombie adversaries, to clear areas and progress through the game. The rules of engagement shift from conventional Pokémon battles to a survival-based experience, where strategy and resource management become paramount.


  • Post-Apocalyptic Hoenn Region: Pokémon Snakewood presents a Hoenn region transformed by a zombie apocalypse, featuring eerie landscapes, abandoned towns, and a haunting atmosphere. The game's unique setting sets it apart from traditional Pokémon adventures.

  • Zombie Adversaries: Unlike standard Pokémon battles, players in Pokémon Snakewood must face not only traditional Pokémon but also zombie adversaries. This adds a layer of challenge and unpredictability to the gameplay.

  • Dark and Eerie Narrative: The narrative of Pokémon Snakewood takes a dark turn, weaving a tale of survival and mystery in a world plagued by zombies. Players must navigate through the grim storyline, uncovering secrets and confronting the undead.

  • Fakémon: Pokémon Snakewood introduces Fakémon, which are fictional Pokémon created by the hackers. These unique and imaginative creatures add an additional layer of intrigue to the game, offering players a fresh set of Pokémon to encounter and capture.

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