Pokémon Naranja

What is Pokémon Naranja?

Pokémon Naranja is a ROM hack that breathes new life into the Pokémon universe. Created by Sergio, this hack transports players to the stunning Orange Archipelago, offering an enchanting setting that begs to be explored. The game maintains the beloved gameplay mechanics of the Pokémon Anime, providing a nostalgic and delightful experience for fans of the series.


The gameplay in Pokémon Naranja closely follows the Pokémon Anime storyline. Professor Oak entrusts players with a crucial mission: retrieve the GS-Ball from Professor Ivy in the Orange Archipelago. However, upon reaching the archipelago, players are met with the temptation to explore its beautiful islands, setting the stage for an epic journey.


  • Pokémon Anime Experience: Pokémon Naranja faithfully recreates the magic of the Pokémon Anime, allowing players to relive iconic moments and battles from the series. The hack captures the essence of the show, bringing the animated world to life in a game format.

  • Orange Archipelago Exploration: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Orange Archipelago, with each island presenting unique challenges and surprises. From lush forests to sandy beaches, the diversity of environments adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

  • Mission-based Gameplay: Professor Oak's mission to retrieve the GS-Ball sets the tone for the adventure. Players must balance their desire to explore the captivating islands with the responsibility of completing their mission, creating a dynamic and engaging storyline.

  • Custom Features: Pokémon Naranja introduces custom features that enhance the overall gaming experience. From unique Pokémon encounters to special events inspired by the Anime, these additions contribute to the hack's distinct charm.

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