Pokemon Go Magical Hat

What is Pokemon Go Magical Hat?

Pokemon Go Magical Hat is a cute new game for kids, a game that foregrounds Misty, the only girl in the Pokemon group. I'm sure you love her and you will enjoy this game with your Pokemon heroine.


In the game, you will use the mouse to control Misty and you must move around the area. The goal is to find a certain number of magic caps in each level of the game, which will help you get new Pokemon friends. You will see that the map will alternate between night and day because each type has different Pokemon. Start the fun with this game on our website now and we are sure that you will have a really great time playing this game!

Don't rush to judge the difficulty of the game even though you may think the first level is very simple, because in higher levels you have more challenges waiting for you, and completing your goals will be harder. Misty trusts your skills so do your best not to disappoint her. I will tell you what you have to do now. Click somewhere on the screen to take the girl there. Search for hats and bring them home to get points. As you progress to higher levels, you will have more hats to find, so do your best to do that.

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