Pokemon egg move calculator

What is Pokémon Egg Move Calculator?

Pokémon Egg Move Calculator is a sophisticated tool designed to simplify the breeding process by computing the shortest possible breeding chains necessary to impart a specific egg move onto a targeted Pokémon. It acts as a guide, returning all viable breeding chains that begin with Pokémon that naturally learn the desired move through level-up or Technical Machines (TMs). This tool streamlines the breeding journey, offering a comprehensive solution for trainers aiming to optimize their Pokémon's move sets.

Rules of Game

  • Move Parameter Graph Construction: The Pokémon Egg Move Calculator operates on a modified, level-based Breadth-First Search algorithm. Using your chosen Pokémon as the ending node and your desired egg move as a parameter for graph construction, the calculator initiates a systematic search for every possible breeding path, considering various starting Pokémon.

  • Shortest Breeding Chains: The primary objective of the Pokémon Egg Move Calculator is to identify the shortest breeding chains required to transfer the specified egg move onto your chosen Pokémon. This optimization ensures efficiency in the breeding process, saving time and resources for trainers.


  • Comprehensive Path Identification: The Pokémon Egg Move Calculator goes beyond basic breeding strategies by identifying every possible breeding path from Pokémon that naturally learn the move to your target Pokémon. This comprehensive approach ensures trainers have a variety of options to choose from.

  • Level-Based Breadth-First Search: The tool leverages a modified Breadth-First Search algorithm that takes into account the levels at which Pokémon learn moves. This level-based approach ensures accuracy and efficiency in identifying viable breeding paths.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Pokémon Egg Move Calculator boasts a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to trainers of all levels. Its intuitive design allows users to input their chosen Pokémon and desired egg move parameters effortlessly.

  • Efficient Breeding Strategies: By offering the shortest possible breeding chains, the calculator enables trainers to implement efficient breeding strategies. This is particularly valuable for those seeking to create competitive Pokémon with specific move sets.

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