Pokémon Day Care

What is Pokémon Day Care?

Pokémon Day Care Center is a specialized facility where Trainers can entrust their Pokémon to gain Experience Points over time. This serves as an effective method for raising Pokémon and, more notably, for initiating the breeding process. Unlike traditional day cares in Pokémon games, the Pokémon Day Care Center primarily focuses on facilitating breeding rather than providing experience points for the Pokémon involved.

Rules of Game

  • Breeding Requirement: The Pokémon Day Care Center is a vital element in the breeding process. Pokémon placed inside the day care are required for successful breeding, and attempting to breed without utilizing the services of the day care will yield no results.

  • Experience Points: Unlike the day cares in traditional Pokémon games, Pokémon do not gain experience points while inside the Pokémon Day Care Center. The primary function here is to foster the breeding process rather than leveling up the Pokémon.

  • Day Care Interface: The day care interface is accessible via the day care block itself. Trainers can monitor the progress of their Pokémon by checking the day care interface inside their inventory, ensuring they stay informed about the breeding process.

  • Breeding Results: If the breeding process is successful, Trainers will find the resultant Egg visible inside the day care, ready to be claimed. This marks the beginning of a new Pokémon's journey under the care of its Trainer.


  • Breeding Functionality: The primary feature of the Pokémon Day Care Center is its role in facilitating the breeding of Pokémon. By placing compatible Pokémon inside the day care, Trainers can witness the creation of Eggs that will hatch into new Pokémon.

  • Aesthetic Placement: Trainers can place a single Pokémon or a group of Pokémon that cannot breed with each other inside the day care. While this is purely aesthetic and won't yield any tangible results, it adds a touch of personalization to the facility.

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