Pokémon moveset searcher

What is Pokémon Moveset Searcher?

Pokémon Moveset Searcher is an innovative tool that allows Trainers to input up to four moves and instantly discover which Pokémon can learn all of those selected moves. This tool proves invaluable for Trainers aiming to create the ultimate moveset for their Pokémon, find breeding partners to pass down specific moves, or even identify utility Pokémon for specific tasks, such as catching wild or legendary Pokémon. With an intuitive interface, this searcher simplifies the process of finding the perfect combination of moves for any Pokémon.


  • Move Compatibility Check: The Pokémon Moveset Searcher operates based on a simple yet effective rule – input up to four moves and let the tool determine which Pokémon can learn all of those moves. This streamlined process ensures that Trainers can quickly identify compatible Pokémon for their desired moveset.

  • Utility for Breeding: Beyond crafting battle-ready movesets, the tool proves useful for breeding purposes. Trainers can identify potential breeding partners capable of passing down specific moves to create the next generation of powerful Pokémon.

Features of Game

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Pokémon Moveset Searcher boasts a user-friendly interface, allowing Trainers of all levels to effortlessly input their desired moves and navigate the tool with ease. This intuitive design streamlines the moveset creation process.

  • Move Selection and Search: Trainers can input their chosen moves into the provided boxes and click "Find Pokémon" to initiate the search. The tool then generates a list of Pokémon that can learn all the specified moves, providing a quick and efficient solution for moveset customization.

  • Breeding Partner Identification: The Moveset Searcher proves invaluable for breeding endeavors, helping Trainers identify potential partners capable of passing down specific moves to enhance the genetic makeup of their Pokémon.

  • Utility Pokémon Selection: Trainers can use the tool to identify utility Pokémon for specific tasks. Whether it's a Pokémon designed for catching wild Pokémon or handling specific in-game challenges, the Moveset Searcher ensures that Trainers have the right Pokémon for the job.

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